Protecting one’s family and assets should be priority number 1, as you prepare for retirement or are already retired.

Is your house in order?

We can help and guide you to get your house in order…before it is too late!

“We help folks protect people they most care about from the financial, physical and emotional costs that come with a long-term care situation”.

We can help you, even if you are already facing a care crisis, and don’t know where to turn.

Whether or not Long-term care insurance should be part of your plan, or not, as a long-term care specialist, we can help guide you through the options available to you. Our personal first-hand experience with extended healthcare events, within our own families, as well as our clients, has shown the importance of planning for such an event. The benefits of planning include: 1) Peace of mind knowing that should an extended healthcare event occur you are fully prepared for such an event 2) You are in control of how and where care will be should you need care 3) Not being a burden to your family 4) Protecting your spouse and loved one’s quality of life 5) protecting one’s independence 6) Protecting one’s dignity 7) Insuring a safe environment for the individual needing care.

We will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the options that may best serve your goals and needs. As a client, you can count on LTC-Concierge being there for you.

Just who is David Norgord?

My wife Bettie, and I, both grew up in Wisconsin. I grew up a city boy and my wife grew up as one of 4 girls on a farm in northwest Wisconsin. We moved to Arizona in the summer of 1979 and have lived here ever since. We raised two children…a boy and a girl. We adopted both children as infants. Each of our children has blessed us with a grandchild.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1970, with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting. I have personally owned two businesses including a retail store and a consulting company…. Helping business owners throughout the USA and Canada analyze their business operations, to see what changes might be made to improve their business.

In 2008 I joined the New York life Insurance Company to become an agent. It was here where I learned about long-term care, and the importance of planning for one’s retirement, should an extended care event happen. Extended health care hit me square in the face as my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. To this day, I remember the 1st time I sat next to my father and he did not know who I was. He passed away at the age of 92 with a heart attack. The challenges a family faces when a loved one needs care were faced head-on with my brother, sister, mother and myself. We had to make the difficult decision to place my father in memory care. It was even more difficult for me as my parents lived in Wisconsin and I lived here in Arizona. It was this experience with my father that shaped my decision to become a long-term care specialist.

I left New York life to become an independent agent so I could spend 100% of my time helping those in need of a plan for long-term care. I formed LTC-Concierge with an office in Chandler Arizona and with an agency in Tucson Arizona ….Moore Financial Services. We make a great team. Our passion rests with serving others to the very best of our abilities. Our number one guiding principle is to help clients “Get Their House in Order”. Extended health care planning is a significant component of Getting One’s House in Order.

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